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{sSiteName} enables students to collaborate and share knowledge and experiences.

The INTERNET STUDY MATE is an example of how we can harvest the power of technology to meet the challenges of the 21st century, transcend barriers and make better quality and relevant education available and accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

MISSION: Our mission is to use modern advanced technology to bring about engaged learning and have all Senior High School students and schools as a whole under one umbrella on a common platform to:

  • Share ideas, information and experiences

  •  Exchange academic work (notes and research work)

  • Discuss study materials with peers

  • Have access to quality teacher tutorials, notes and assessment etc. For example, students in average or low performing SHSs can form and have real-time interactive course study mates in high performing SHSs to share ideas, information and experiences, exchange academic work, discuss study materials and have access to teachers in those schools to supplement and enrich what they receive, irrespective of time and location.

GOAL: Our profound goals are:

  • To sufficiently bridge the knowledge and achievement disparity (gap) between High performing Senior High Schools and low performing Senior High Schools and create an equal quality learning environment for all.

  • Empower students with essential knowledge and skills of technology to become effective and efficient workers and citizens for the globalized and digital world.

VISION: Our vision is to harness ICT effectively for engaged learning in schools, and to keep our education system and programs relevant in preparing students for the future. We envision a system that will allow anyone with a computing device and internet connection to access better quality education in any part of Ghana.

It is our hope and expectation that the internet study mate program will push for the innovative transformation of our education experience, and lead the way in providing possible models for the seamless and pervasive integration of ICT into the curriculum for more engaged learning in our schools.